Off Grid CTO

Off grid CTO is a blogging site dedicated to the challenges, the art, and the skill of living life as a CTO of a tech company off the grid.  I will be regularly updating the site with information about the tools, technologies, and techniques I use to make it all work.  There is quite a bit of information in the About Me section on my setup up here, so feel free to catch up.  Meanwhile enjoy the blog posts below.

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Jim Olsen


Logging Made Easy(ier)

Off Grid CTO: Logging Made Easy(ier) Welcome to the long overdue next edition of Off Grid CTO, where I talk about living life off the grid while working as the Chief Technology Officer of ModelOp, a great software company creating advanced software to manage both your ML/AI models, as well as your traditional models as well.  […]


Off Grid CTO: Off Grid Power Efficient AI

Off Grid CTO: An AI Solution With Low Power Welcome to the next edition of my blog about living off the grid, while working as the CTO of ModelOp, a great software company that allows people to work from wherever they happen to be.  We are hiring, so if you want to work for a […]


Hey Buddy, Got a Light?

Off Grid CTO: Hey Buddy, Got a Light? As we transition to spring up here in the mountains, while I work for ModelOp as the CTO, the temperatures slowly climb, the days get longer, and the snow continues to melt.  It might seem counter intuitive, but this time of year I actually have to light […]